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Oncore Ahmedabad

At Oncore, we’ve united a stellar team of leading oncologists who are experts in their individual fields.

Oncology is the term used for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. A doctor who provides any of these services by utilising a wide array of therapies is termed as an oncologist.

Now that we’ve understood what the term stands for, it is pertinent to note that there are various kinds of oncologists who provide expert care in individual fields. Some of them are:

  1. Medical Oncologist – This term refers to a doctor who treats cancer using chemotherapy and other such similar therapies like immunotherapy
  2. Surgical Oncologist- An oncologist who first diagnosis cancer through biopsy and treats it by removing the tumour along with the tissue is called a surgical oncologist
  3. Pediatric Oncologist – A doctor who treats the callous diseases of our time, cancer in children is called a pediatric oncologist
  4. Haematologist Oncologist – An oncologist who provides treatment for blood-related cancers such as lymphoma is a haematologist-oncologist
  5. Gynecologic Oncologist – An oncologist dealing with uterine, ovarian and cervical cancers in females is called a gynecologic oncologist

There are numerous other kinds of cancers and doctors who deal with them. Our marvellous team of oncologists from various backgrounds have worked to create a united front against cancer. To aid the Indian population, our doctors have brought the novel western services and technologies to the country. These include implantable ports, ambulatory chemotherapy, cool caps and oncological aesthetics.

Using these services, Oncore is trying to create a vibe – a vibe of health. Our goal and vision are to make India a cancer-free nation and to do that, we’ve brought the unprecedented modern technologies to help the patients. Our impeccable services take the emotional, mental and psychological stress away from the cancer patients and assist them in becoming healthy throughout the treatment. Life with cancer shouldn’t mean a dearth of happiness and health and this is what Oncore has dedicated itself to.

Our motto is strong and our vision is clear – defying cancer, one patient at a time. Our doctors will help you and your loved ones gain the lost momentum and live happily-ever-after. Cancer won’t be able to inhibit your zest for life and we at Oncore will take care of that.

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Oncore Ahmedabad