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New web design trends

Hello user ?, we are delighted to present this article rounding up 2019’s web design trends in a very special way. You can read more about all the following trends in our new book “NOW. A Contemporary Landscape for Digital Thinkers 2”. The book is like waking up after a futuristic dream, we’ve collected everything that’s surprised us over the last year and summarized it, analysing trends in Web Design, UX writing, visual search, AI bots, 5G, Furbys, Fortnite, and of course – sausages ? that use machine learning to work out how to put a shirt on.

In this article, we’ll primarily focus on the tendencies that we’ve observed in the visual and interaction fields, which are useful to our users in terms of providing inspiration for their daily projects. However, in our book (also available in a gorgeous digital version ?for $7.95 ◉◞౪◟◉ ) we have gathered many themes of a social and technological nature, such as social mobility, the sharing economy, voice interfaces, image search, and machine learning with web technologies, etc.

The concept of “Trends” can often be taken as less than complimentary. However, knowing and experimenting with the latest advancements leads to learning new techniques, acquiring more skills and using different styles in a playful way as they appear and evolve.

We love dreaming up a weird and funny future, as mere spectators we have analyzed the following imaginative websites with amazement, and feel really lucky to live in such an age where brilliant technology leaves us speechless nearly every day.

It’s time to get to the action, so here’s our “List of Fundamental Web Design Trends for 2019”.

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